Cape Town -

Film Production/Editing



We are working with a local film production company focusing on post production. The company exists for 2½ years and is a brainchild of its owners Nick and Josh. Their excellent working relationship resulted in several successful collaborations on commercials, corporate videos and a full-length feature film. Situated in the heart of Cape Town's media and post-production hub, the film production company provides a full service post-production solution for its clients.

The company incorporates online and offline editing as well as the services of a fully equipped audio facility and sound engineer. They offer services for a range of genres, including commercials, feature films, television and corporate productions. International clients include Nestle, Bacardi, Bridgestone, Firestone and many more.

Internship Description: 

Interns have the unique chance to get a deep insight of a post film production company. They will be involved in the daily work of the company and assist them in shell edits, practical projects, social media and text transfers. The company is very flexible and takes interns all year around. As everywhere in the movie industry there are no fixed working hours. The work is task orientated and working on a production can need a whole day.


  • Strong interest in film/media
  • Good English skills
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Previous knowledge/ experience of advantage


  • Interesting, friendly team
  • Amazing work experience

Start: flexible

Duration: at least 3 months

Working Hours: flexible, according to need


Location: Cape Town

Start: Flexible

Duration: 3 months

Field: Film

Location: Cape Town

  Services included:

  • Mediation of the internship
  • Written confirmation
  • Regular meetings
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Activities suggestions
  • Welcome pack with tourist information

Additional services (optional):

  • Accommodation service in a shared apartment or host family
  •  Airport Shuttle
  •  Car rental agency