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Essay GIFTS is a Proudly South-African Company established to facilitate business opportunities between the formal economy, corporate entities and government clients, and the informal economy. We specifically work with rural crafters and young designers in the corporate, promotional, complimentary gifting and the conference accessories industries. The collection draws on our diverse cultural expressions and the richness of its people's many talents. We take pride in our company values; passion, creativity, human development and business sense. With these values in mind, we select suppliers throughout South Africa that allow us to deliver excellent service and products to our clients.

Essay GIFTS acts as the bridge between our clients and our partner factories, and manages the process to ensure that these small business deliver a world class product on time. Our aim is to assist disadvantaged communities who lack access to the market, engage in the economy. We also promote the meaningful integration of low technology, hand- made and low cost production into an economy driven by fast and challenging changes in expensive technology and mass production. When assisting to select the right gift for a client, specific event or campaign, we aim to provide him or her with a gift that will leave a lasting legacy in the mind of their clients as well as in the future of our nation.

Essay GIFTS' main task is to motivate to our clients and market to invest their promotional budgets in our partner factories. Although locally produced gifts can be more expensive than imported items, the additional cost of producing gifts not only in South Africa, but specifically by rural producers provides the client with a valuable brand building opportunity - namely demonstrating that they support employment creation. This in turn assists with building social capital and goodwill among their stakeholders. Corporate gifting has a long history and research has shown that in today's climate, where sustainability and good corporate governance promotes triple bottom line principles, the public is more receptive to gifts that fulfill an additional social function, rather than cheaper branded items that bear little relationship to the companies own mission and vision. Educating our potential clients and their clients about the sustainability impact of buying from these factories is key to our role. We walk our producers through every step of our orders.

Once an order is secure, essay GIFTS facilitates the order, finalizes the sale, delivers a quality product on time and assists with growth of the factories. essay GIFTS has formed partnerships with some of the world's top brands: The Coca Cola Company, The Coca Cola Foundation, The International Cricket Council, ABSA, The Auditor General of South Africa and Event Dynamics. These partners support our vision that gifts from essay GIFTS enhance their own brand capital. Background Being Proudly South African is a mindset; a lifestyle that aims to realize the vision of a great and peaceful South Africa. 

Key Areas of Responsibility:

  • Management of Newsletter Social Media Campaign Management,
  •  Manage and develop our web based advertising campaign,
  • Working on upcoming projects and attendance at consumer/trade shows ,
  • Database management General marketing tasks


  • Diploma or Degree in Marketing, Fluent in English Outgoing.
  •  Orientated person with a positive demeanor,
  •  Efficient in the use of Social Media
  • Organized, Ability to take initiative,
  • Good English writing skills
  • Computer proficiency

Bonus: Pocket Money , Supportive Environment and  Learning experience 

Duration: at least 3 months requested

Field: Marketing

Location: Cape Town, City Centre.

Start: Flexible

Duration:3 months

Field: Marketing

Location: Cape Tow, City Centre

Services included: 
  • Mediation of the internship
  • Written confirmation
  • Regular meetings
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Activities suggestions
  • Welcome pack with tourist information

Additional services (optional):

  • Accommodation service in shared apartment or host family    
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Car rental agency