Cape Town -

Children's Home in Woodstock

ID: 2009


 The building is home to 35 boys and girls between 8 and 16 years. The children are either orphan, physically or mental abused or the parents have AIDS or affected by it. In most cases, the children were identified by social workers, school authorities or the police and brought to the children's home. At the children’s home the kids get a home, health care and education. In addition, the home offers therapy services, assistance with homework, regular activities, arts and culture classes and computer lab.

Daily routine:

7:30 - 13:30 School

14:00 Lunch at the home

14h30 - 17h00 Homework and afternoon activities19:00 – Dinner

Afternoon activities:

Monday: Workshops e.g. HIV prevention

Tuesday: Bible or Koran school (it is a Muslim organization)

Wednesday: Instruments

Thursday: Open to parents / relatives, alternative art and therapy

Friday: Latin dance (16h00-17h00)

Saturday: Equitherapy in Atlantis (9h00-12h00)

Sunday: Rest / preparation for the week

During the school holidays are numerous entertainment programs held for the children.

School holidays 2013/2014:

Spring: 21 September – 30 September 2013

Summer: 5 December – 14 January 2014

Autumn: 29 March – 6 April 2014

Winter: 28 June – 20 July 2014

Spring: 4 October – 12 October 2014

Summer: 11 December 2014 – middle of January 2015

Internship Description:

Working in an orphanage or any children homes and shelter is a mountainous task and major responsibility. It requires tolerance, endurance, patience and extreme hard work. In the mornings, when the children are still in school there are mainly administrative functions to organize. Tasks are: fundraising, marketing, administration, assistance with accounting, contact with social workers, family courts and the community and minor amendments on the website of the orphanage.

The afternoon is reserved to work with the children. Daily duties include assistance with homework in reading, writing, mathematics, computers, English, life skills, and help with art projects and crafts. Because many of the children are not in the same development level like their peers, the help of speech and physical therapists is highly valued. Interns are often used for individual case work with children in need.

During the summer there are various excursions and there is the opportunity to teach the children how to swim. Working hours are flexible and to be discussed with the management. The project accepts interns & volunteers regularly. During school holidays, excursions are organized and various activities conducted.


    Minimum age 18 years

    Enthusiasm & interest

    Police clearance form to be provided

Bonus: flexibility & nice team

Start: flexible

Duration: 1 – 24 months

Working Hours: to be discussed, mainly afternoon 2h00 – 6h00 pm

Field: Social Work, Psychology, Teaching

Location:        Cape Town, Woodstock








Duration: Flexible

Field: Teaching/Social work/Psychology

Location: Cape Town – Wood Stock


Services included:

  • Mediation of the internship
  • Written confirmation
  • Regular meetings
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Activities suggestions
  • Welcome pack with tourism information

Additional services (optional):

  • Accommodation service in a shared apartment or host family
  •  Airport Shuttle
  •  Rental Car