Cape Town -

Family with foster children and homeschooling

ID: 2020

Employer Description:

It is a family of foster children and homeschooling.

The Family: Tracy Jean (TJ) & Trevor from Plumstead (middle class area in the south of Cape Town) with their own children and 2 foster children.

Children: twins Amy and Jessica (17), Isobel (13), Benjamin (11), Gwyneth (6), Thomas (2) and a little girl (1 ½).
The kids are all home-schooled. The curriculum is determined by the "Homeschooling Association" and teaches TJ. Trevor works as a landscaper and has a small company.

TJ and Trevor have often taken by students who have a medical internship or other internships in Cape Town or exchange students. The family is so very relaxed and experienced in dealing with house guests.

Interesting is also another aspect: It's a mixed family, which is not yet as common in South Africa after apartheid, he is colored.

Job description:

TJ needs assistance in homeschooling children Isobel, Benjamin and Gwyneth since the smaller foster children they take up very much.

At the same time would be desirable in accompaniment music school, leisure activities and other "extracurricular" activities. The children regularly participate in activities with other children in part, and the family is also linked well with other social projects and church projects.

Requirements: Openness, kindness, concern and devotion

Bonus: Make friends for life

Start: on request

Duration: on request

Working hours : about 9-14 clock and by appointment

Field: Social work, child care

Location: Cape Town

Start: Flexible

Duration: Flexible

Working Hours: 9am-4pm

Field: Teaching/ Social work

Location: Cape Town

Services included:

  • Mediation of the internship
  •  Written confirmation
  •  Regular meetings with other participants on site activities & Suggestions
  •  Extensive information in advance
  • Welcome pack with tourist information.
  •  Local contact

Additional services (optional):

  • Accommodation service in shared apartment or homestay
  •  Airport Shuttle
  •  Car rental agency