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Clean energy motorcycle With Innovative Solar Company

ID: 2023

Employer Description:

It is an innovative German-speaking companies in the field of solar technology.

The core business is the installation of space heating and cooling, hot water technology, underfloor heating, pool heating, but mainly in combination systems. From planning to implementation, the company offers so interesting insights into the future-oriented sector of renewable energy.

In addition to some office workers 12 people are employed in the technical area of the company. The company has been able to build up an impressive customer base due to the innovative technology of high quality.

Job description:

The intern will be involved in the design, organization and implementation of current projects and get the chance to deepen their knowledge in the field of renewable energy as well as his technical skills.

He will help you with installation and commissioning of solar technology, heating and cooling systems, the technical staff on site, thus expanding his craftsmanship. Starting point has already 6:45 clock, since the transport may take up to an hour to work, working end is about 16:00 clock / clock 16:30.

Working with Auto CAD is the possibility of smaller projects from planning to implementation to accompany him to share his knowledge and expand (own laptop with Auto CAD required).

Job requirements:

  • Skilled craftsmanship and technical affinity
  • Initiative, commitment and sociability
  • English skills are not absolutely necessary, but helpful
  • Driver's license
  • Own PC / laptop with Auto CAD can extend the range of tasks
  • Car is an advantage


  • I entered the working atmosphere & friendly team
  • Gaining experience in the field of renewable energies
  • Central position of the company in an attractive district of Cape Town
  • Introduction to various sites of the company

Start of internship: Flexible

Length of internship: Flexible

Industry: Environmental technology, engineers of all kinds

Location: Cape Town - Observatory

Start: Flexible

Duration: Flexible

Field: Engeering

Location: Cape Town

Services included:

Mediation of the internship
  • Written confirmation
  • Regular meetings with other  participants 
  • Activities suggestions
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Welcome pack with tourist information

Additional services (optional) ;

  • Accommodation service in shared apartment or host family     
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Car rental agency