Cape Town -

Social Work with women and children in vulnerable communities

ID: 2041


The organization is committed to serving the needs of women and children in an underprivileged Cape Town suburb. The name of the organization is deriving from one of the 9 languages of South Africa and means “heal our women”. Founder member and director Lucinda saw a great need for a women’s development program in the community, which is 30km from the Cape Town city centre in the so called Cape Flats. This community has a population of over 40.000 people and more than 60% of this population is unemployed. Most of the population is female, unemployment level is high and the number of single mothers is concerning. This community has history of violence, in particular gender-based violence, inter-family violence, high child abuse rate, resulting in high HIV-infection rates. The crime rates have also soared due to high drug consumption of Chrystal meth (locally known as Tik), which result in frequent house brakes and common assaults.


The organization’s main objectives are:

  1.  To provide a safe space, support and education for women and children who are victims of sexual, domestic and family violence, to be able to live freely and without fear.
  2.  To provide support for women, young girls and children who are infected and affected with HIV/AIDS, TB and STI, through education focusing on literacy so that these individuals will be able to live productive lives without fear of stigma and discrimination.
  3. To assist women to become entrepreneurs through income generating activities, for example Arts and Crafts.


Internship Description:

Interns can work in different projects within the organization and conduct various activities within the projects:



  • After school programme: This involves working with girls aged 8-13 years who are survivors of sexual and child abuse.
  • Soup kitchen for kids & community members in need. (approx. 50 people per day)
  • Safe House for victims of abuse
  • Gardening Project
  • Tutoring (Reading and Mathematics)
  • Fundraising, Admin (e.g. Newsletters, Website design, etc) & Marketing
  •  Training: conduct group workshops and discussion groups for kids/ youth/ mothers/ care takers as required (e.g. advanced Social Work/ Psychology students). Workshops for soft skills, e.g. goal setting, conflict management, business skills or as required
  • Excursions: Assist with & Organize excursions and camp activities
  •  Home visits in the community with social worker
  • Campaigning for the organization & public awareness of social issues

You will be able to choose any combinations of the projects according to your preference – the structure of the programme is flexible to ensure satisfaction.




  •     Flexibility
  •     Commitment
  •     Acceptance of different cultures & lifestyles
  •     Discipline & reliability


  •  Orientation Days
  •  Guest families can be arranged close by
  • Family-like environment


Start: Anytime

Duration: at least 3 months requested

Field: Social Work/ Psychology / Marketing / Teaching/ Business

Location: Cape Town – Suburb Lavender Hill









Start: Flexible

Duration:min three months

Field: Social Work/Teaching/Psychology/Marketing

Location: Cape Town- Lavender Hill


Services included:
  • Mediation of the internship
  • Written confirmation
  • Regular meetings
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Activities suggestions
  • Welcome pack with tourism information

Additional services (optional):

  • Accommodation service in a shared apartment or host family
  •  Airport Shuttle
  • Rental Car