Cape Town -

Working in Children's Home

ID: V03

Description of the project:

The orphanage houses 35 boys and girls between 8 to 16 years. The children are either orphans, abused physically or have parents who are HIV infected.  In most cases, the children were brought by social workers, school authorities or the police in the children's home. The children are often traumatized repeatedly. Here a home, medical care and education is offered. In addition, the home offers therapeutic services, help with homework, regular activities, arts and culture classes and computer labs.


Daily routine:

7:30 - 13:30 School

14:00 lunch

14:30 - 17:00 homework and school activities

19:00 dinner


Afternoon activities:

Wednesday: Workshops for example, HIV Prevention

Tuesday: Bible or Koran school (it is a Muslim organization)

Thursday: Instruments

Saturday: Visiting hours for parents / relatives, alternatively Art and Therapy

Tuesday: Latin dances (16: 00- 17:00 clock)

Wednesday: Radiotherapy in Atlantis (9: 00-12: 00 clock)

Wednesday: rest / preparation for the week

During the school holidays, many entertainment programs for children instead.


School holidays 2013:

Summer holidays: Until January 16th

Autumn: March 29 to April 7

Winter: June 22-July 14

Spring time: September 21 to September 30

Summer holidays: 5 December to 7 January 2014


Working in an orphanage is a big job and brings a lot of responsibility. This requires a lot of patience, tolerance and hard work.

As a volunteer, the orphanage offers you the chance to support these children every afternoon. For your daily tasks include homework assistance for the children in reading, writing, mathematics, computers, English, life skills and help with art projects and crafts. Since many children are not at the level of peers in development, the use of voice and movement therapist is also highly valued. Often volunteers are also used for individual supervision of specific cases and in the summer there is the possibility to swim the children to learn.


If interested, can be also worked in the morning when the kids are still in school.

Duties and Responsiibilites

  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Contacting social workers,
  • Updating website

Working hours are flexible. Volunteers can decide whether they are to spend the whole day at the centre or half day. During school holidays, excursions, games and other things are organized.


Start of project: Flexible.

We recommend starting on a Monday. It is advisable to arrive already a few days before the placement begins. Then you have enough time to relax and get to know the country and people before the project starts.



In general, it is recommended when working with children a longer project time for a bond of trust can be built. Although the project accepts volunteers for two weeks already, a stay of at least four weeks is preferred. Longer volunteer or internships are preferred - maximum duration is 24 months.



The project required of all applicants in addition:

  •  A copy of your passport
  •  A certificate of good conduct

Volunteers should be aware of the rules of the home. It is a Muslim institution; Volunteers should be aware of this and will appear in attractive clothing.



Decide between accommodation in a backpacker, a host family or an International Urbanization.


Host family:

Staying with a host family is a very special opportunity to learn about the daily life in South Africa.

You will live with a host family in a middle class neighborhood in Cape Town. There is a private furnished room available3 meals are provided (on working days, there is a lunch box) and most families also wash your laundry with free. Linen and towels are provided.

You'll integrated for the time of your stay part of the family and the friends of each family.

Our families are spread throughout Cape Town. We visit all our host families personally before we add them to our program.

We can not guarantee to find a family in walking distance. You may have to pay additional transportation costs (about 1-2 euros per day for bus, taxi or train).


Shared with Selbstver-pflegung:

These are mostly houses with 4-8 rooms that are rented individually by local and international students, interns, volunteers, young professionals or other young people. It is found as quickly contacts and friends. As often several roommates are new in Cape Town, so you can conquer the city.

All rooms are furnished. Bed linen is provided and only towels are not provided. Wireless Internet is also usually present (some houses with extra charge). All shared apartments are equipped for self-catering, there are fully equipped kitchens with refrigerator, stove, etc. Here you can alone or together quickly cook something. Food prices in South Africa can be compared with the in Germany. We work together with selected providers of student accommodation in Cape Town.


For this project we have several shared apartments on offer, all located in the nearby district Observatory. Observatory is the student area of Cape Town. There are many associations / NGOs, alternative shops and an interesting nightlife. The area is lively, young and alternatively.


The children's home is located about 5 km from the city. Transport by taxi or bus is very easy to perform, and costs about 1-2 euros per day in addition.



Backpacker hostels and are the ideal accommodation for short and short term stays. The young international audience makes it easy to get to know other people and things together with other international guests. There are offered on site tour options at fair prices.

Our services are based on a bed in the dormitory. Usually sleep in dorms between 6 to 8 people in bunk beds. There is the possibility of personal belongings locked away in safes. Breakfast and other meals are not included in the price. Bed linen is provided and only towels are not provided.


Participants in this project will be housed in a backpacker district in the Observatory.

The children's home is located about 5 km from the city. Transport by taxi or bus is very easy to perform, and costs about 1-2 euros per day in addition.


On request, we can also guest houses and hotels each class offer (fees).

The project required of all applicants in addition: a copy of your passport and certificate of good conduct (German copy is sufficient)
Must be checked prior to booking dates and availability.
If you stay in a shared apartment landlords require a deposit usually between 140-300 euros. Prices subject to change.

Type: Work with children / Social Work

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Start: Any time

Minimum Duration: 2 weeks

Working hours in 14:00 - 18:00 clock, Mon - Fri (the project is very flexible)

Minimum age: 18 years