Cape Town Internships

Playing with Children at the Chidren's Hospital


Description of the project:

At this point it is voluntary participation in a game-initiative in a children's hospital. The focus of the hospital is on kidney and liver transplants, burns, neurosurgery, cancer treatment, intensive care, HIV / AIDS research, tuberculosis and treatment of children with respiratory problems.
The hospital aims to provide each patient the best treatment, regardless of parental income, ethnicity, gender, religion or origin.

The ethical values ​​and principles of the hospital such as  integrity, respect, honesty, dignity, acceptance, care and social responsibility should be obvious to participants of the volunteer project.

Your job as a volunteer is to play with the kids and keep them busy. Playing in the hospital gives the children something normality and contributes to recovery. It makes the children fun and distracting from the hospital everyday life and their disease. Also concerned parents can relax a bit like that.

By playing social, intellectual, cross-cultural, cognitive and motor abilities of children will be  encouraged. The reading also supports literacy of parents and children.

The majority of patients speaks Afrikaans and IsiXhosa, but with a smile and empathy are also differences in language easily bridged. Many also speak English as a second language. Depending on the childhood disease different toys and games are proposed. Volunters work in collaboration with the volunteermanager in order to consult the needs of the children children.

All volunteers receive a thorough instruction on site by the supervising organization; where Hygiene  rules, procedures in hospitals and coordination will be discussed at the stations.

Your day begins around 09:00 clock with the compilation of the toy in the toy room, with which you then go to the station to the children. All volunteers take a tea break from 11.00 to 11:20. Until noon you take care of the children and any questions or comments you turn yourself to your partner. Around 12:00 you put the toys back in the toy room. Then the toys are brought back and disinfected. The disinfection of the toys is always of the highest priority.

After lunch children take a nap and volunteers are able to pla with children from 15.30.
Many volunteers come only for the "morning shift" and many local volunteers meet regularly on certain days of the week. The support staff inthis respect is very flexible.

Additional requirements:
- Copy of passport
- Two written references

Start of project:
Volunteers can arrive over the whole year and are always welcome. It is advisable to arrive already a few days before the start of the project. Then you have enough time to recover from the rigors of flight, to recharge your batteries and get to know the country and people before the project starts.

In general, when working with children it is receomended to volunteer for a longer period so that a bond of trust can be built.

Volunteer can decide amongst  three different types of accomoation which are available  which are a backpacker, a host family or a shared apartment.

Staying with a host family is a very special opportunity to learn about the daily life in South Africa.
You will live with a host family in a middle class neighborhood in Cape Town. Three meals per day will be provided  (on working days, there is a lunch box) and most families also wash your laundry with free. Towels are provided.
Our families are spread throughout Cape Town. We visit all our host families personally before we add them to our program.
We can not always guarantee a family found in footpath nearby. You may have to pay additional transportation costs (about 1-2 euros per day for bus, taxi or train).

These are mostly houses with 4-8 rooms that are rented individually by local and international students, interns, volunteers, young professionals or other young people. It is found as quickly contacts and friends. As often several roommates are new in Cape Town, so you can conquer the city.
All rooms are furnished. Bed linen is provided and only towels are not provided. Wireless Internet is also usually present (some houses with extra charge). All shared apartments are equipped for self-catering, there are fully equipped kitchens with refrigerator, stove, etc. Here you can alone or together quickly cook something. Food prices in South Africa can be compared with those in Germany. We work together with selected providers of student accommodation in Cape Town.

For this project we have several shared apartments on offer, all located in Observatory. Observatory is the student area of ​​Cape Town. There are many associations / NGOs, alternative shops and an interesting nightlife. The area is live and young.

Backpacker hostels and are the ideal accommodation for short and long short term stays. The young international audience makes it easy to get to know other people and things together with other international guests. There are offered on site tour options at fair prices.

Backpackers prices are based on a bed in the dormitory. Usually occupants sleep is in dorms between 6 to 8 people in bunk beds. There is the possibility of personal belongings locked away in safes. Breakfast and other meals are not included in the price. Bed linen is provided and only towels are not provided. Participants in this project will be housed in a backpacker district in the Observatory.

On request, we can also arrange  guest houses and hotels.

The price for this project can be made available upon request.

The price includes:

  • Volunteerstay
  • Accommodation as desired
  • Comprehensive information package during the preparation
  • Return airport transfer
  • Welcome pack with local phone card
  • Weekly event services on site (additional cost)
  • Regular meetings Stammtisch
  • Contact person on site
  • A Donation to the partner organization

What is not included?

  • Flight
  • Local transport
  • Visa costs
  • Health insurance
  • Personal expenses


  • Dates and availability must be checked prior to booking.
  • If you stay in a shared apartment landlords require a deposit.
  • Prices subject to change.

To apply complete an online application form!!

Type: Work with children / Social Work

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Start: Any time


Working hours: Working hours: Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 12:30 clock or 14:00 to 15:30
On request, Sunday In: 14:00 - 16:00 clock

Minimum age: 18 years